40 days of good news

50 days of good news week 6

During week 6 of our 50 days of good news, we will join the global wave of prayer inspired by the Archbishops of Canterbury and York. Thy Kingdom Come has inspired people from many different denominations and in different parts of the world, creating the possibility that millions of individuals and communities will be setting aside […]

50 days of good news week 5

This week we have another challenge that involves prayer. Can you pray every day at 1pm for one person for one minute? 50 days of good news week 5 from Ruth Whiter on Vimeo. Next week we’ll join churches across the UK and beyond as we prepare for the following week, which leads up to Pentecost […]

50 days week 4

Your challenge for week 4 of 50 days of good news is to pray every day for an opportunity to share your story. This might be the story of how you first met Jesus, or it might be a story of God working in your life this week. The challenge is simply to pray, and see […]

50 days week 3

Your challenge for week 3 of 50 days of good news is to invite some people round! Catch up on a box set, get a bottle of wine out, or clean out the BBQ – just start building relationships with your friends and neighbours outside of church. This video the third of seven weekly challenges, […]

50 days of good news week 2

Between Easter and Pentecost we’re encouraging one another to find new ways to show and tell the good news of Jesus. Here’s the second of our weekly animated challenges, designed to share with your church on Sunday 23rd April, or any time via social media. During week 1 we were challenged to simply invite a […]

Thy Kingdom Come

We hope that during our 50 days of good news, many churches will also take part in Thy Kingdom Come, which is being promoted by the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby. Between 25th May and 4th June, communities and churches around the world are gathering together to pray that their friends, families and neighbours come […]

50 days of good news

Remember 40 days of good news? Last year we challenged ourselves to find new ways to show and tell the good news of Jesus with our neighbours. This year, by beginning on Easter Sunday and ending on Pentecost Sunday, we have managed to squeeze out a whole 50 days of good news! Baptist Associations around […]