Home Mission

Home Mission Update: Stonehouse Baptist Church part 2

Here is the second of two videos from Anne Dunn, minister of Stonehouse Baptist Church in Gloucestershire. Through Home Mission, WEBA churches have supported Stonehouse through a time of transition from being at risk of closure, to moving into a secondary school because the chapel became far too small. Every church goes through times of […]

Lechlade Baptist Church celebrates 200 years

The fellowship at Lechlade have invited us to their 200th Anniversary Exhibition and Service: To celebrate the Bicentenary of Lechlade Baptist church an Exhibition will be held on the 15th, 16th, and 17th May from 10: 00 am – 4: 00 pm in the Church. There will also be a special service in the church […]

Your Church Budget – and Home Mission

Who prepares your church budget? Who discusses how best to serve God’s purposes in the allocation of funds? Who decides what to give to Home Mission each year? Although we recommend that each church gives at least 5% of general income to Home Mission, (to support Specialist Teams, Associations, and Home Mission grants), this decision finally rests […]