Tools for Welcoming Students

Mike Peat, who serves as Free Church Chaplain to Bristol University, funded in part by Home Mission, has contacted us about these resources for churches who want to connect with students in their communities.  Welcoming Students to Your Church Resource  includes research and stats on young adults and students, tips on student mental health and […]

News from The Turning

“There should be no doubt that there is an openness in this city to Jesus” This report from the Bristol Turning arrived with us in time for Easter Sunday – halfway through the Bristol street mission: It has been an incredible first week of the launch of the Turning. The Good News is that by Saturday 321 people […]

Your Church Budget – and Home Mission

Who prepares your church budget? Who discusses how best to serve God’s purposes in the allocation of funds? Who decides what to give to Home Mission each year? Although we recommend that each church gives at least 5% of general income to Home Mission, (to support Specialist Teams, Associations, and Home Mission grants), this decision finally rests […]