Corsham Cleans Up

This story of many hands expressing God’s love and making the impossible possible was sent to us by Corsham Baptist Church. We’ve changed the names involved. Mark’s friends at Corsham Baptist Church were aware that he’d been through a lot, much of it beyond his control. Difficult circumstances in his family and relationships had led […]

Forge Training dates in 2018

Forge offers training for mission where you are, and WEBA will be partnering with ForMission to provide this training opportunity for the third year running. Some of you may have picked up flyers about Forge at WEBA events during October 2017 – if that’s you, we just need to let you know that one of […]

Baptisms at Rudloe

Two years ago, our newsletter and website featured Rudloe, a new church planted by Corsham Baptist Church in Wiltshire. (See this article from June 2015) We’re thrilled to hear that this summer the new church celebrated its first baptisms. Rudloe’s minister Rob Durant writes: “We had an exciting baptism day at Church on the Green […]

Hope Bristol 2018

Hope Bristol 2018 is a citywide opportunity to reach out and show God’s love in practical ways. From 3rd-7th April, 1000 teenagers will partner with local churches for a five-day mission on the streets of Bristol. This could look like anything from social action projects (in partnership with the Noise), running kids’ holiday clubs, praying […]

News from The Turning

“There should be no doubt that there is an openness in this city to Jesus” This report from the Bristol Turning arrived with us in time for Easter Sunday – halfway through the Bristol street mission: It has been an incredible first week of the launch of the Turning. The Good News is that by Saturday 321 people […]

Your Church Budget – and Home Mission

Who prepares your church budget? Who discusses how best to serve God’s purposes in the allocation of funds? Who decides what to give to Home Mission each year? Although we recommend that each church gives at least 5% of general income to Home Mission, (to support Specialist Teams, Associations, and Home Mission grants), this decision finally rests […]