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Paint roller

Corsham Cleans Up

This story of many hands expressing God’s love and making the impossible possible was sent to us by Corsham Baptist Church. We’ve changed the names involved.

Mark’s friends at Corsham Baptist Church were aware that he’d been through a lot, much of it beyond his control. Difficult circumstances in his family and relationships had led to depression and a breakdown, and to make that worse, a lodger he tried to help had inflicted damage on his home that he simply wasn’t able to cope with.   There were smashed furniture and doors, broken appliances and a huge pile of debris in the back garden. Mark simply watched as his house slowly became semi-derelict. 

Mark’s friends were at a loss what to do, however when his sister and brother-in-law decided to visit from South Africa and asked if they could stay in his house, this became a catalyst for action. A group from church discussed a plan of action and with only around two weeks before the visit was to take place, descended on Mark‘s house. Furniture, carpets and doors were ejected into the garden, skips ordered and huge tubs of paint, along with sandpaper, brushes and rollers bought. 

Initially a men’s ministry effort, women added their help and overall individuals from the church contributed nearly £2,000 to fund the work. Many people offered furniture and curtains.  

cleaning kit

Work parties each of as many as 15 folk at a time gave up evenings, weekends and weekdays, and in the end the total number involved added up to something over 50.   

Clearing the garden was a major effort, to remove the mountain of piled up junk into skips. Inside, walls, ceilings and woodwork were stripped, repaired and repainted. Six new doors were hung, door frames repaired and all was painted. The shattered lounge hearth was broken out and a new installed better than before. A new stair rail was fitted and a cracked window replaced. A virtually new electric oven (another donation) was installed.

Then with a day or two to go, the team retired to allow Mark to take a breath before his visitors arrived. 

One church member comments:

“It is easy for the church and the individuals involved to be smug about what was done but I believe that we all felt a love for our brother in Christ, and the thought was always – “there but for the grace of God go we all” and perhaps the church would be there for any of us who fell on hard times. After all each of us is part of something greater, as it says in 1 Corinthians 12:27: ‘Now you are the body of Christ. Each one of you is a part of it.’”

The makeover has given Mark a huge boost to start living again and, (we believe an answer to prayer), he now has full time paid employment.

Posted by Ruth Whiter