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More than Environmental Window Dressing

Kevin Durrant is minister of Keynsham Baptist Church and one of the key speakers at How Green is Your Church, the West of England Eco-conference. His book, The Earth Will Teach You, has helped many of us reconsider creation care as central to our faith rather than an optional extra. We asked Kevin to explain why our churches should think seriously about coming along to this day which will be all about practical steps we can take as churches and individuals:

As churches, we often find ourselves looking for new ideas to re-inspire our worship and our mission, and our search often takes us to conferences on one topic or another.

But perhaps the most inspiring ideas are the ones God gave us a long time ago – ideas like: rejoicing in God’s creation like the psalmists; caring for the natural world as Adam was originally instructed to do; enjoying companionship with earth’s creatures as Jesus did during his wilderness temptations; and promoting shalom by sharing nature’s gifts with others as Jesus taught and the Early Church practiced.

If we could be helped to live out ideas like these, our churches would really be transformed. So, a conference designed to encourage “greener” churches is not about adding a little environmental window dressing to our existing activities; it’s about re-focusing our churches on what they were originally meant to be – families of disciples dedicated to “seeking first the Kingdom of God”, a kingdom that encompasses all of creation and aims to bring “all things in heaven and on earth under one head, even Christ” (Eph 1v10).

Any conference that offers this kind of renewal is bound to be inspiring and should be grabbed with both hands!

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Posted by Ruth Whiter