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One of the girls being baptised

Baptisms at Rudloe

Two years ago, our newsletter and website featured Rudloe, a new church planted by Corsham Baptist Church in Wiltshire.

(See this article from June 2015)

We’re thrilled to hear that this summer the new church celebrated its first baptisms.

baptismal pool and crowd on the green

Rudloe’s minister Rob Durant writes:

“We had an exciting baptism day at Church on the Green (Corsham Baptist Church in Rudloe, Wiltshire), on 2nd July – the first baptisms of the church plant! We had a portable baptistry out on the green in front of the community centre, and expected two baptisms, Steve Shiles, and Miriam Fry. When the day came, having seen the baptisms, Miriam’s friend Olivia, also chose to be baptised. A wonderful surprise and blessing.”

Olivia and Miriam

Olivia and Miriam

Posted by Ruth Whiter