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Bristol Faith Manifesto

Ahead of the coming Bristol Mayoral Elections, representatives of different faiths in the city have produced five shared goals that they believe are common to Bristol people and to the well-being of the city as a whole.
Faith communities play a crucial role in delivering a wide range of projects across Bristol and much of these services are offered voluntarily and at no cost to the local authority and other public bodies. 
From play groups to youth groups, food banks to initiatives combating loneliness – faith communities supply thousands of hours of community care to some of the city’s most vulnerable.
The group commit to working towards the shared goals with whoever is elected and have set out five aspirations to work with the next Mayor of Bristol on. These are:
• Celebrating diversity
• Building community 
• Strengthening families
• Challenging poverty
• Tackling climate change 

You can download a digital copy of the full document at: http://www.bristolfaithmanifesto.co.uk
Find local groups and activities in your area: https://www.wellaware.org.uk/info-resources/find-activities/

Thanks to: BRISTOLTHREADS.CO.UK for this press release.

Posted by Jess Collard