Home Mission

Home Mission update: Chew Magna

Each month we feature one church or community that receives a grant from Home Mission, so that you can see what your giving is achieving. This January, we want to show you what a busy Christmas Chew Magna Baptist Church have had! They have really made the most of the seasonal opportunity to connect with […]

Home Mission Update: The Stowe

The Stowe has been supported by Home Mission since 2009 when one family moved into a brand new housing development in Swindon, ready to unconditionally bless those who moved in. Owen Green, minister at The Stowe, has sent us this report about how this young church is continuing to grow. Covenanting to the journey ‘God, […]

Home Mission Update: Overview of 2017

Throughout the year we aim to share stories about what your giving to Home Mission is achieving around the West of England. Once a year, we’d like to give you a bigger picture. The list below covers each Home Mission grant awarded in WEBA for 2017. Please take this opportunity to pray for these very […]

Your Church Budget – and Home Mission

Who prepares your church budget? Who discusses how best to serve God’s purposes in the allocation of funds? Who decides what to give to Home Mission each year? Although we recommend that each church gives at least 5% of general income to Home Mission, (to support Specialist Teams, Associations, and Home Mission grants), this decision finally rests […]