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County Lines and Vulnerable People

For anyone of interest, PC Shona McKay (Bob McKay’s daughter) will be at Milton Baptist Church on the Friday 26th April delivering a talk and Q&A session in response to drug-related activities. With particular focus on “County Lines & Vulnerable People”. As you know this is an issue which is affecting the whole of the UK.

What to expect?

These sessions are typically delivered to Professionals (Police/ Education/ Social Care/ charities/ NHS) and parents – it involves anyone that deals with children or adults (in particular those that are vulnerable). Sessions are usually 45-60 minutes long including questions and will generally cover the following:

  • County Lines – what is it?
  • Methodology
  • The Reality
  • Signs and Symptoms (of spotting those involved)
  • Safeguarding
  • Child Criminal Exploitation / Modern Slavery / Organised Criminal Networks
  • Why is it our Responsibility? – What to do if you think someone is involved?
  • Referral Options

The evening’s talk would also include stories from PC Shona’s experience of both young people and vulnerable adults that she has dealt with over the last 2 years, how the tactics from the criminal networks are changing and the importance of early intervention.

We highly recommend, if this sounds like something you would be interested in or anyone else that you may know of who could benefit, then we warmly welcome all to attend the free event.

Our hope is this resource might help to equip you, our local community and by knowing how to spot the signs.

For details and bookings click here.

Posted by Alex Drew