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CYF events this summer

WEBAY, our group for paid Children, Youth, and Families workers within the region, often share events they think others might find helpful. Here are just three they’ve passed around in recent days. If you know of others, please let us know!

This county wide footy tournament is part of world cup celebrations is coming up on 16th June and taking place inside Gloucester Cathedral. There are different tournaments for all age groups. All the bookings can be done online. Really needs a parent/ youth/ children’s minister to coordinate things a bit and get a team together.



27th- 30th August 2018: Sports/ adventure residential which is for high school age. Going to be an action packed week full of adventure, sport, and lots more. Ideal for young people to bring mates along to who are not used to churchy activities.



We’re really excited that Doug Horley (aka Duggie Dug Dug) is coming to Cirencester Baptist Church on Saturday 22nd September 3-4:30pm with his all New Awesome Bubble Show!

 This will be a fantastic family event that I’d love to encourage you to come to and be part of.  It’s a fun interactive praise party full of songs, puppets and thousands of bubbles.  Smoke filled bubbles, soaring helium bubbles, bouncing dry ice bubbles, bubbles in bubbles and even children in bubbles.  An opportunity to connect with God and have a lot of fun and make shared memories as a family too. 

It’s aimed at 4-10 year olds, but young and older can access it too.  To enable families to come we’ve set the price at £10 a family ticket (before 10th September rising to £15 after that), which will include drinks and cake afterwards. 

Also have a think about if there are others outside the church you could invite, either bringing friends along with you – or even better inviting another family to come.  It will be really high quality – have a look at Doug’s website for more info and maybe find out a few songs that you may already know www.duggiedugdug.com

 To get you family ticket please connect me (Naomi) at Cirencester Baptist Church on 643668 or office@cirencester-baptist.org


Posted by Ruth Whiter