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Don’t miss Bridge Builders

The WEBA Regional Team have secured a unique opportunity for our pastoral leaders* to sample the Bridge Builders training on Wednesday 4th July.

This will be a one day workshop on ‘Handling Conflict Constructively’.

Here’s what Alisdair Longwill says about his own experience of Bridge Builders:

“I’ve been to countless conferences and events in the past 30 or so years of ministry.  I’ve enjoyed and appreciated most of them, but in honesty there has been only one or two which have left me thinking, ‘I so wish I had attended that years ago’.  The recent Bridge Builders conference I attended is definitely one of those.  Discerning what God might be saying to us and how to work that out harmoniously is a big part of our Baptist ‘processes’.  ‘Decision-making’ comes right at the heart of this and the Bridge-builders conference I attended provided me with helpful tools and wise processes to help me develop my skills in this ‘challenging’ area.   

This why we we have invited Bridge Builders to join us for a day and share some of these wise and discerning tools with us.  This is a great (and much cheaper than usual) way of developing your decision and group-enabling skills.  There are still some places left.  Don’t miss it – don’t miss out on being as well-equipped as you can be.  Be the best you can be!”

There is more information about the day on this page, and you can book your place simply by contacting Alex at alex.drew@webassoc.org.uk.

*Pastoral Leader means anyone with pastoral responsibility for a church – whether you call them a minister, pastor, or anything else!


Posted by Ruth Whiter