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Great partnerships make a big difference (couple ready to dance)

Explaining Home Mission

Most WEBA churches give at least 5% of their general income to Home Mission.

But we’re aware that many of those who ultimately contribute this have little understanding of how Home Mission works.

This autumn, we’re developing a suite of resources that we hope will help churches explain where this money goes. One element of this is a short animated sequence called ‘Great Partnerships’.

Taking Paul’s prayer in Philippians 1, where he thanks God for the Philippians’ partnership in the gospel. Alisdair Longwill came up with the idea that Home Mission + our churches make a ‘Great Partnership’, like Batman and Robin, eggs and bacon, or Fred and Ginger.

That’s why there’s a little bit of dancing in this animation.

This ‘Great Partnership’ means we can provide Regional Support, give grants to churches, and contribute towards the specialist support available through our Baptist Union.

The animation, which is 1 minute 18 seconds long, is available both with and without a voiceover in addition to the written subtitles. There’s also a shorter version which we used at our recent AGM. All three are available to view and download, together with the latest Home Mission video stories from WEBA, on this page:

WEBA Home Mission videos on vimeo

We hope to add more videos to this page as time goes on. So if you’re highlighting Home Mission during a Sunday service, you could show the animation followed by a video story to illustrate where some of the money goes.

We will also, as usual, try to add one new Home Mission update to the website each month.

If you’d like to arrange a visiting speaker to take a ‘Home Mission Sunday’ service in your church, please contact the WEBA office.

Posted by Ruth Whiter