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Missional Communities animation still

Exploring Missional Communities

Our Leadership Teams mornings, held in late autumn, have been very popular in recent years. Rather than just gathering the ministers together to be informed and inspired, whole leadership teams come along to learn together.

This year’s event is on Saturday 11th November 2017, at Chipping Sodbury Baptist Church. We will be led by Ken Benjamin and Ellen Wild of Chichester Baptist Church on the theme of Exploring Missional Communities.

If you’re wondering  what we mean by Missional Communities, the best plan is to come along and find out.

However, it might be worth watching this little video we made together with Minchinhampton Baptist Church. This is two years old now, and describes just one way a church could develop missional communities. Ken and Ellen may tell us a very different story!

Minchinhampton’s Missional Communities from Ruth Whiter on Vimeo.

Click here to find out more about the event in November, and to book your place.

Posted by Ruth Whiter