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Good News People

Good News People is a 5 part Bible study series created by Regional Minister Alisdair Longwill with additional content by Kevin Durrant, minister of Keynsham Baptist Church and author of The Earth Will Teach You.

It also makes use of some of the animated challenge videos we’ve produced over the last two years for the ’50 days of good news’ initiative.

Materials for the first two studies are now available (free to download) in the Resources section of this website. Here Alisdair explains how he thinks this resource might be helpful for your church:

I have to confess that I sometimes forget that the Christian message is good news – and good news for everyone!  God created the universe, the planet on which we live, humankind and so much more…and he extravagantly loves what he has created.  Just like the father in the parable of the prodigal son, God throughout history has been reaching out to mankind, seeking to redeem, restore and reconcile people to himself.  The missionary God sent his Son into the world to bring this about, and for 2000 years Jesus the Son has been sending out his disciples to continue this process of showing and sharing God’s message of good news.   We are essentially called to live among our peers as good news people.   It is for this reason that we have produced ‘Good News People’, a new small group study series, which aims at reminding me and others like me, that the message of Jesus is good news for all people for all time.  Not only that, but that the missionary God calls those of us who call ourselves Christians to live as his missionary children in all the circumstances we face.  I think it was the late John Stott who wrote that our culture’s quest for “significance, transcendence and community … is on our side in our evangelism, because people are looking for the very things we have to offer them.”

door image saying 'invite people round for' I’m delighted to introduce you to ‘Good News People’ and pray that you and those in your church or missional community will use this new resource.  I pray too that as you use it God will give you a renewed understanding of who he is and what he is about and a renewed understanding of who you are and what he wants you to be about for his glory and for the benefit of those around you.

We occasionally hear complaints that there’s not much good news these days.  By God’s grace we’ve got some.  Let’s not keep it to ourselves, but instead show it and share it with all those around us.

Click here to download all course materials.

Posted by Ruth Whiter