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Home Mission Update: Giving so far in 2018

Having recently become involved in some of the Home Mission work here at WEBA, I’m delighted to share with you a little information about how giving is going so far this year.

By the end of May, we had received £85,246.37, this is around £14,000 less than at the same point last year, so although this is a promising start to 2018, we do still have a way to go to achieve our targets by the end of the year.

We are all very thankful to those churches who have already been faithfully giving this year, and of course to those whose giving is in the pipeline and yet to follow.

Every Baptist church is encouraged to give at least 5% of general income to Home Mission each year. If this level of giving were achieved across our churches, we would be in a good position to offer the grants and support that will enable mission across the West of England.

In 2017 our end year total giving was at £241,060, and you can see here how this was used to further mission across our network:


To read the stories of mission behind our 2017 grants allocations click here.

In WEBA Update we’ve shared more recent stories of how your giving is continuing to support existing churches as well as entirely new missional communities in 2018. If you missed any, why not spend a moment reading our most recent inspiring story about Locking Parklands Community Church here.

Some of you are no doubt leading and supporting congregations where not everyone knows about Home Mission and the opportunities for mission in creates in our region. Alisdair Longwill has recently gathered a small team of Home Mission Ambassadors to help share the story of what Home Mission is and how it helps people to know Jesus. If you’d like to invite a Home Mission Ambassador to come to your church, you can do so by contacting me via alex.drew@webassoc.org.uk

In the meantime, thank you for your prayers and your continued faithful giving to Home Mission.

Posted by Alex Drew