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The Locking Parklands community

Home Mission Update: Locking Parklands Community Church

Your giving to Home Mission is enabling Claire Roberts to lead the growing missional community on the Locking Parklands housing development in Weston-super-Mare, which is a plant from nearby Worle Baptist Church. This community featured in the WEBA newsletter in Autumn 2017, when Claire had just begun her studies at Bristol Baptist College, and the church had begun meeting in ‘The Radio Wing’, a former chapel that was the only community space on this large new development.

The Radio Wing

The Radio Wing

It’s great to hear that a school is now under construction, and that Claire finally has a home of her own.

We asked the church what we could pray for at this stage:

    • We’ve been really encouraged by new people from the community joining us on Sundays and at homegroup. It’s great to see people on a journey with God! Please pray we can form good relationships and encourage each person as they learn more about being a disciple of Jesus.


    • Construction of the new primary school on the estate has begun with a temporary building ready for use this September. We’ve already made links with the Headteacher and other staff. Please pray we can foster a good relationship with the school and for all the staff as they prepare for opening in September.


    • As a new estate, one of the biggest challenges we face is making connections with people. With no local shop, cafe, pub or school (yet!) it can be hard to make links. We’ve been exploring running a monthly Community Cafe in the local community centre on a Saturday as a way for people in the community to connect. However we’re facing several obstacles. Please pray that God clears the way for us to provide this space for the community.


    • Praise God that Claire (our Community Pastor) was able to move into her own home earlier this year. She’s living on the ‘old’ part of the estate called Flowerdown which was housing that was originally for the RAF families. We’re finding lots of open doors with the Flowerdown community and are heavily involved in organising a summer funday on the estate. Please pray this will be a chance to bless our neighbours and get to know some new people.
Claire with the keys to her new house!

Claire with the keys to her new house!

Thank you for your prayers and your continued faithful giving to Home Mission.

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Posted by Ruth Whiter