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Hope Bristol 2018

Hope Bristol 2018 is a citywide opportunity to reach out and show God’s love in practical ways. From 3rd-7th April, 1000 teenagers will partner with local churches for a five-day mission on the streets of Bristol. This could look like anything from social action projects (in partnership with the Noise), running kids’ holiday clubs, praying for people on the streets, or whatever the local church feels would benefit their community.

This mission is a partnership between local organisations Müllers and the Noise along with national organisations Soul Survivor and Hope Together. However, for this mission to be a success it is vital that the local church is at the heart of it. For the churches of Bristol, this could mean running community based projects, volunteering throughout the mission, or faithfully supporting the mission in both prayer and finance. To find out how to get involved, visit www.hopebristol.org or email sam@hopebristol.org.

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Posted by Ruth Whiter