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Hope For Every Home: Ministry Director

Hope for Every Home Ministry Director


Hope for Every Home serves local churches to equip Christians to take the good news of Jesus to every person, home by home. We also encourage Christians to show compassion through practical action, like Jesus. And we believe that we can achieve nothing without prayer. Hope for Every Home in the UK began as part of HOPE in 2017 and is part of Every Home for Christ International. For the first year in post, the Ministry Director will be mentored by Roy Crowne and will also receive training from Every Home for Christ.


Job Description


Job title:                      Hope for Every Home Ministry Director


Responsible to:          Hope for Every Home Board


Hours:                         Full-time         


Salary:                         £40,000


Annual leave:             25 days per annum


Main areas of


To contextualise the Gospel and mobilize local churches to reach every home, making disciples who also take their part in fulfilling the Great Commission.

To lead the development of this new ministry working with churches of every denomination and ethnicity.

To develop strategic partnerships to achieve the goal of reaching every home.

To develop a team to share the gospel on a large scale to reach every home.


Specific duties:           To find new ways to communicate the Gospel of Jesus Christ effectively in contemporary culture.


To build working relationships with key leaders across the denominations demonstrating geographic and ethnic diversity.


To work with Every Home for Christ to develop a systematic strategy to reach every home in the UK with the Gospel in the next 20 years.


To build a team who are passionate about achieving the goal of fulfilling the Great Commission in the UK by 2040.


To manage the development of the team and administrative support to fulfil the every home goal.


To raise funds to support the development of the ministry alongside support from Every Home for Christ International.




Knowledge/qualifications: to be a practising and committed Christian with a passion for bringing people to Christ; experience of working with Christians in different denominations.


Communication: an enthusiastic and engaging communicator with a capacity for developing and maintaining good working relationships with a wide range of people both one-to-one and from a platform.


Self-motivation: work using own initiative; committed to continuing self-development; prepared to be flexible over working hours including weekends and evenings.


Leadership: experience of leading others, fostering a collaborative and creative working environment.


Fundraising: experience of raising ministry funds.


Response to change: ability to initiate change and contribute positively to the introduction of change.


There is a Genuine Occupational Requirement [GOR] for the holder of this post to be a practising Christian.


This job description sets out the duties of the post at the time it was drawn up. Such duties may vary from time to time without changing the general character of the duties or level of responsibility entailed.



Posted by Alex Drew