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inHope Lent Reflections

Bristol charity inHope have a campaign this Lent to help us focus on aspects of life that people lose due to homelessness (identity, network, health, opportunities, purpose, enjoyment). Sarah Luckwell, inHope’s Communications and Supporter Engagement Officer, who is also a member of Clevedon Baptist Church, has written a Lent Reflection Series which is full of weekly reflections, discussion questions, Bible verses and a weekly challenge.

‘Lent is traditionally a time when Christians observe a time of fasting or giving up a luxury, to remember Jesus’ fasting for 40 days in the desert. Our aim for this six-part, weekly Lent reflection series is, as we purposefully give things up, we also reflect on things that homeless people lose, often not by choice, but due to homelessness.’

inHope Lent Reflections

We think this booklet will be really useful for individuals, churches, home groups and youth groups, so do please share it.

Posted by Alex Drew