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invest - developing character and gifting for mission

Introducing INVEST

Over the last year a number of church leaders across our network have been meeting to pray and discuss the need to develop new leaders in our churches.

A few churches within our Baptist network already run an internship programme. Bristol Baptist College have developed a Wednesday Discipleship formation stream; Seventy-two co-ordinates Forge Training in our region.

One new development from these discussions is ‘Invest’. Invest is aimed at developing leaders within local churches and in their work place, and also looking long term to help equip leaders for existing and new churches who are able to face the missional challenges ahead.

Local churches will invest time, energy, and and money so that an individual can be mentored and equipped. That individual will invest a day a week of their time to explore the calling of God on their lives.

Each person’s year will be tailored to their own particular gifting. It will be begin and end with 24 hours away, and there will be four other days when participants come together through the year. Each participant will have a hand-picked mentor, and opportunities to develop their gifts in the real world.

While some participants may simply learn to be more effective in their current vocation, others will go on to follow a particular call to ministry. This is an initiative that has come from leaders within our network of churches and I believe it could make a substantial contribution to the development of leaders across our Baptist network in established and possible new churches.

The aim is to run a pilot year starting in January 2019 of between 6-8 people, and a number of those who would potentially be part of Invest have already been identified. If you’d like to find out more please contact me at


Posted by Ruth Whiter