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PFS (Prepare, Feed, Sustain) at Bristol Baptist College

Bristol Baptist College’s course PFS (Prepare, Feed, Sustain):

it’s up and running, but there are still lots of opportunities to take part!


Modules and Dates Coming Up::

What Christians Believe A – Day 1 10 November 2018

What Christians Believe A – Day 2 12 January 2019

Baptist Belief and Practice – Day 1 2 February 2019

Baptist Belief and Practice – Day 2 23 February2019

□ What Christians Believe B – Day 1 16 March 2019

□ What Christians Believe B – Day 2 27 April 2019

You can either register as:

A PFS Student which means that you would pay £50 per module or £200 per year. You would need to submit 24 essays (2 essays of 1200-1500 words for each module) over the course of 3 years. Once you have completed that, you will receive a College Certificate (non degree). This qualification can also be presented when you apply for lay ministry and book an appointment with your Regional Minister. The college usually runs 4 modules in an academic year and it is not possible to book for more than one academic year ahead. The following year Response forms are usually created in spring.

A Saturday Student which means that you would just attend the modules and have no further obligations. The cost is £12.50 per Saturday.

You can download the PFS leaflet here:


To find out more and to watch a short video on PFS, have a look at the Bristol Baptist College Website.

To enquire and/or book for the course please email Pavla at: community.learning@bristol-baptist.ac.uk


Posted by Alex Drew