We are now nearly half way into our first Invest year! For those of you who don’t know what Invest is ……. It is a new training initiative run by WEBA and local churches. The goal? For existing leaders to grow through tailored training, mentoring and support.  It is an opportunity for individuals to invest some of their time in their personal, spiritual and leadership development, and for the local church to be that training ground.

We have set times throughout the program for all the ‘Invest-ers’ to meet together for training and teaching. The year kicked off with a weekend in January at Ammerdown. Then there’s 4 quarterly hubs throughout the year, and a final Ammerdown weekend at the of the year.

The first half of the Invest year has been jam packed and we’ve benefitted from introducing new disciplines, beginning to listen to God more, choosing to spend more time with Him, have intentional conversations along with various training courses and seminars.

The elders of Welton prayed lots about who to invite to do ‘Invest’ and are so excited at all God is doing in them and through them. As a local church we are 100% behind our ‘Invest-ers’ and we hope the below will do two things (maybe more!); one, to help us pray for Jo, Clare and Teresa, and two, to inspire some of us to think and pray about doing Invest in 2020!

To download our full update and to read stories of our ‘Invest-ers’ press the button below:

Does Invest sound like something for you or for someone in your church?

We are excited to tell you that the Invest programme is going to be running for its second year starting in January 2020.

If you’ve identified someone in your Church who would benefit from going on the Invest year, or you’d like to talk it through with someone, please get in touch with Dave Kingswood. Delegates would be committing to a day a week and each person gets their own personalised plan. This plan is then used in conjunction with a mentor and training throughout the year to help them grow and commit them to all that God wants to do in their lives.