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MentorMe Training

The training course is…

 Engaging, enjoyable and effective –

We have designed the course so that it is interactive, fun and friendly. The consistent feedback that we get from people who attend this course is that it is both highly enjoyable and of an extremely high quality. I

Free, but not cheap –

There is no charge for coming on the course (though any donations are welcome) but the MentorMe team have invested a great deal of time and resources into making the course as good as possible.

A two-way experience –

We see the training course as both an opportunity for folk to explore whether volunteering with us is the right thing for you but also as a chance for us to see whether you have the qualities and approach that we need our volunteers to show. (See below)

Christian, but not a proselytising project – 

We are an unashamedly Christian charity and endeavour to show the love of Jesus to those that we meet and go on to support. We pray during our training sessions and approach mentoring from a Biblical perspective. Due to this, we are only able to accept volunteers who are active members of a local church and will require a reference from a church leader should they go on to apply to be a mentor with us.

We do not prevent our mentors from talking about their faith, if this is something that their mentee is comfortable with, but expect our volunteers to respect that this is not the (sole) purpose of our project and that they should be willing to support someone with their practical and emotional needs without feeling the need to proselytise.

What we are looking for…

Very few people who come on the training arrive on day one as the complete package, but there are certain skills that are essential, and others that we need folk to at least have a willingness to grow in if they are going to volunteer with us.

A mentor, as part of MentorMe, needs to have excellent listening skills with the ability to demonstrate active listening and summarise/reflect back well to the person they’re listening to. The use of open questions to appropriately explore a topic is important, whilst being able to empower and encourage others, allowing them to set the agenda and support them in doing things for themselves. It is important that you can adhere to boundaries set out by MentorMe, be non-judgmental, and reliable. We encourage those that we work with to set goals and work towards achieving these with the support of a mentor, so helping someone to identify and set realistic goals is key. Finally, being able to challenge someone appropriately and sensitively is important, as well as being reliable and punctual to meetings, and being accountable to MentorMe staff by keeping in regular contact when mentoring someone

We would be really grateful if you could advertise this opportunity for folk to put their faith to work across your networks.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to be in touch.

Many thanks and best wishes

Alison Paginton



Posted by Alex Drew