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Encouraging Good Health and Wellbeing in our Communities

Since the WEBA Ministers conference earlier this year, and the subsequent Renew training afternoon at Hanham BC, a number of WEBA churches have been finding out more and exploring how such a shared space might have a valuable impact in their community.

‘Renew spaces are simple café style spaces run by local churches where hobbies and activities are shared or co-produced. Each café space is attached to a quiet room or prayer space where inner habits of wellbeing are shared. Each church partners with a mental health professional from the local council to ensure good inclusive practices for safe spaces, where it’s OK not to be OK, can be sustained’ (from the Renew Wellbeing Website)

With local mental health services under increasing pressure, and loneliness on the rise, we as churches have a wonderful opportunity to show God’s love and meet a vital need in our communities, and it’s with that in mind that we’re delighted to be working with Renew Wellbeing’s Ruth Rice to bring Renew spaces into the WEBA region.

Christ Church Nailsworth are one of the WEBA churches who have been keen to develop a Renew space in their town. Ruth has been helping them with information, inspiration, training and support, and now on September 26th Renew Nailsworth will be welcoming all (including you) at Carsha’s Café every Wednesday from 9.30 – 4.30.


We’re looking forward to sharing more about how it’s going for Renew Nailsworth in the future, but in the meantime; please pray for the team as they embark on this initiative bursting with potential to promote good mental and emotional health in their town.

If you’d like to explore Renew Wellbeing for your own community, let me know, or talk with one of the Regional Ministers.


Posted by Alex Drew