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snowmen by the sea

Sun, Snow, and Wellbeing

At this year’s Ministers’ Conference at Saunton Sands in North Devon we were blessed with bright sunshine and blue skies, followed by a blizzard and a snow covered beach – and thankfully everyone was able to leave before the really dangerous weather set in.

Tuesday morning


We are beginning to describe this annual gathering as a Leaders’ Conference, as  Children, Youth, and Families’ workers are included, plus others in Pastoral Leadership.

This year the speakers were Krish Kandiah, who shared his thoughts about Discipleship under the headings Whole Gospel, Whole Church, and Whole World, and Ruth Rice, who explored her understanding of Wellbeing, expressed through the Renew Wellbeing cafes she is helping to establish all over the country. Find out more at www.renewwellbeing.org.uk.

Krish Kandiah with Nigel Coles

Owen Green with Ruth Rice

We are working on making the audio from these talks available on this website very soon.

Wednesday morning

At the conference there were a few questions about next year, which we can now begin to answer – we hope that many of you will be pleased to hear that we have made a booking for the 25th-27th February 2019 at Saunton Sands Hotel. Put this date in your diary! As expected, there will be a price increase, but we are hoping this will be kept to a level that won’t cause any difficulties.

Posted by Ruth Whiter