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Thy Kingdom Come – across WEBA in 2018

WEBA Regional Team Leader Nigel Coles has written to Ministers and Church Secretaries, expressing his conviction that we should make 2018 a year of prayer in our region.

We’ve decided to embrace the heading ‘Thy Kingdom Come’, which has been an initiative of the Archbishops of Canterbury and York over the past two years, simply because that sums up what we want our prayer to be. This initiative focuses on the week leading up to Pentecost, but the resources connected with it are available all year round at http://thykingdomcome.global.

Over the same period, Lynn Green, General Secretary of Baptists Together, has been sharing her vision of ‘Beacons of Prayer’ and ‘Beacons of Hope’, which spring from exactly the same urgent need and Spirit-led desire.

In his recent prayer letter, Nigel shared some of what he’s been thinking:

“Thy Kingdom Come. Just three words we know well because they are taken from the prayer Jesus taught to his very earliest disciples, in response to their request. It’s simultaneously both huge in its expanse and ordinary in its application. I’m frequently struck by how one moment we’re praying for the coming of God’s kingdom and His will to be done and the very next moment we’re focusing on our daily need for bread to eat.

“Thy Kingdom Come … what do these words actually mean? They’re big words, powerful words, beyond our ability words. It’s the heart-felt, personal praying of this part of the Lord’s Prayer I’ve been focusing on at the beginning of a new year for my own life and engagement with others and the world around me. I’ve been stopping to ask what would it mean for God’s kingdom to come in this person’s life, in this particular set of circumstances, in their relationship with one another, in my relationship with them, in this issue, in their need, in this challenge, in this leadership team, in this group of deacons, in this person’s illness, etc. If praying ‘thy kingdom come’ reflects the need across the UK in the big landscape, it also reflects my need to see more of God’s kingdom in and through my life. I am under no illusion, as a follower of Jesus Christ. I cannot pray these words with integrity without opening my life fully to their impact personally.”

praying hands with string of lights

Of course individuals and churches can respond to the call for prayer in many different ways. As a network, our intention is to encourage two types of gathering during 2018:

Thy Kingdom Come Network Gatherings

There will be four Sunday evening Network Gatherings, with a focus on, and more space for, prayer, during the year. We hope everyone will be able to get to one of the four easily enough, and that as many churches as possible will encourage everyone to attend, closing their own evening service where appropriate.

Thy Kingdom Come Prayer Nights

These will be weekday evening events organised by your local ‘cluster’ or network, providing an opportunity for churches in one town or area to pray together.

Venues, dates, and times for all these prayer events will be published on this website and in WEBA update as soon as they are available. If you don’t yet receive WEBA update each fortnight, contact the WEBA office and we’ll get you signed up.


Posted by Ruth Whiter