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thy kingdom come on balloon over West of England

Thy Kingdom Come in 2018

Nigel Coles explains why we are choosing Thy Kingdom Come, which began as an initiative of the Archbishops of Canterbury and York, as our WEBA theme for 2018, making this a year of prayer for our network. There will be at least four Thy Kingdom Come Network Gatherings and also cluster-based Prayer Nights throughout the year.  (Details at the bottom of this page)

Thy Kingdom Come…why us?

My response is, why not us? Perhaps you’re wondering why we’re promoting  what is really an Anglican initiative.  I’d suggest that in the past we’ve had a tendency to react with a kind of arrogance that can take the form ‘we’re already doing that anyway’. But, honestly, are we coming before God in total willingness to depend on him? Without the power of the Holy Spirit I see no future for many of our existing churches. In Christ, we have a hope and a future.

Thy Kingdom Come…why now?

Simply put, the clouds are gathering.

The need for the light of Jesus Christ in our nation is becoming ever clearer. In many of our churches, the age profile is increasing, and there’s uncertainty about how to engage in our contemporary situations. These are just two reasons why churches feel an acute need of God’s help if they’re going to make a real impact.

Thy Kingdom Come…why together?

One of our greatest strengths is the automony of the local church. However, when this becomes ‘independence’ rather than ‘inter-dependence’, everyone loses. If we’re self sufficient,  others miss out on the blessing of our support. On the other hand, we lose out if we struggle on alone. Let’s make the effort to encourage one another by praying together.

Why ‘Thy Kingdom Come’?

Prayer is not an end in itself. We particularly like ‘Thy Kingdom Come’ because it refers to the outcome we want, rather than prayer as an activity for its own sake. Across the West of England Baptist network we are looking to galvanise people to pray because we need to come before God in humility, dependency, and trust, desperate to see more harvest, which is people coming to know Jesus and becoming disciples, who in turn become workers in the ‘harvest field’. I don’t think anyone is under any delusions about the immensity of the challenges we face, but with God, ‘all things are possible’.

thy kingdom come balloon

Thy Kingdom Come Network Gatherings 2018

(All gatherings will begin at 6:30pm)

Sunday 20th May – Cambray Baptist Church, Cheltenham

Sunday 8th July – Gorse Hill Baptist Church, Swindon

Sunday 23rd September – Clevedon Baptist Church, North Somerset

Sunday 18th November – Welton Baptist Church, Somerset

We are also hoping to confirm a date for a Bristol Network Gathering, and Cluster Prayer Nights will be advertised on the website when available.


Posted by Ruth Whiter