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Baptist Insurance has been helping to protect the life and work of churches since 1905 and have always been committed to providing more than just insurance.

Supporting the Baptist family

As a company we are passionate about supporting people and organisations that, like you, really make a difference by enriching the lives of others. One way we do this is through grant giving to the Baptist family including evangelistic projects.

Home insurance

We know every Baptist home is different, our Home Insurance provides generous automatic sum insured limits on your contents and buildings cover, giving you great value for money.

Church insurance

Our long standing history in providing Baptist churches insurance means that we understand the needs of your church and the growing challenges you face. That’s why we offer church insurance cover that is specifically designed around you.

Helping you to look after your church

We understand that the stewardship of many churches falls to volunteers and that the health and safety issues, risk assessments and other legislative requirements can be daunting. That’s why we have produced a range of free easy to read and use guides, advice sheets and templates to help you to protect your church and its users.
On our website, in the guidance and resources sections, you can find:
• Handy risk management guides including events and church activities
• Straightforward risk assessment templates
• Simple checklists for common risks such as working at height

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