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#shetoo ‘silenced women of the Bible’

An exhibition which spotlights silenced women of the Bible has taken place in Calne Baptist Church in Wiltshire #shetoo is an exhibition by self-taught Trowbridge based artist Jen Ford, featuring a range of women who have been ‘wrongly shamed, blamed and accused’ in the Bible. Panels of commentary explaining the thinking behind the images accompany the […]

Are We ‘Talking Jesus’?

By Matt Hebditch, Co-leader, Welton Baptist Church Three years ago I asked a group of 30 leaders in my new church a question: Who here has led some to the Lord in the last five years? The response was sobering: Nobody raised a hand. Every person in the room had experienced the transforming power of […]

Home Mission Update: The Cairn

One of the challenges currently faced by churches where the congregation has reduced to a very small number of people is knowing how best to face the future.  Some churches in these circumstances have handed the ‘running’ of the church over to a steering group, in order to leave a legacy that will last into […]

Talking Jesus…Naomi and Evie

As part of our theme ‘Are we talking Jesus?’ this year, we’re sharing stories of how talking to people about Jesus can change lives. Our first story is from Naomi who is the Youth and Children’s Pastor at Cirencester Baptist Church. Naomi and Evie… Evie came along with her friends to our church run youth group, […]

Thank You

As part of this year’s WEBA Summer Gathering and AGM we were able to express our gratitude to the Lay Ministries Group which, after faithfully serving churches in WEBA for three decades, is now folding. The group has been pivotal in maintaining and growing our list of lay preachers; a very valuable resource for churches, […]

Talking Jesus: Anything Can Happen

Over the last 13 years I’ve had a few opportunities to talk about Jesus with those who don’t know him yet. Some of these have been structured or organised, like Alpha or pastoral visits with seekers, and others have been more random; like friends who suddenly have a burning question about my faith, or a […]

Enabling and Resourcing Grants

When the apostle Paul writes in his letter to the church at Philippi, he thanks God for their partnership in the gospel.  Partnership in the gospel is very much how we view the mission and ministries that Home Mission encourages and enables . In other words the purpose of Home Mission grants is to encourage […]

Exploring Your Calling?

As we journey on, following in the footsteps of Jesus, many of us inevitably arrive at the crossroad where we wonder ‘where is God calling me to go?’, ‘what is it God is calling me to do?’ and ‘what are the next steps I need to take?’. If that’s where you are, we’d like to […]