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Whitley Lecture in Bristol

Helen Paynter, who is one of our ministers and a tutor at Bristol Baptist College, is giving the annual Whitley lecture in a variety of venues around the country during 2018. On the 23rd May there is a chance to hear the lecture at Westbury-on-Trym Baptist Church in Bristol, 7:30pm. There is no charge and no need to book, just turn up and take this opportunity to explore the tricky subject of violence in the Old Testament.

Dead and Buried?

Attending to the voice of the victim

in the Old Testament and today

Whether we are reading a modern news article about a violent atrocity, or one of the shocking Old Testament stories of violence, it is important that we ask certain questions of ourselves and of the written account. Whose interests are being served by the telling of this story? Whose voices are not being heard? Whose lives are considered worthy of grieving, and whose deaths are regarded as forgettable? What responsibility does reading this story place upon me? This lecture will aim to consider these questions and so provide some tools to assist us as we read Old Testament stories of violence.

Posted by Ruth Whiter